A single structure base made of die-cast aluminum alloy and a solid column made of aluminum extrusion with a highly rigid cross-section

This JR2000N SERIES handles many applications

Dispensing,Screw Fastening,Soldering,CCD Camera & height sensor,Board Cutting.



High precision screw tightening is achieved using a servo screwdriver, that gives you precise control of tightening torque, rotation speed, and rotation angle. Using the clutch type screwdriver you can monitor screw damage, screw float, or stop errors




The JS Series JANOME SCARA robot comes in various Arm lengths, from 250mm to 1,000mm, and features a variety of special application software, high accuracy and high speed. Single shaft type models and double shaft type models are available. Trajectory accuracy is greatly improved by separately controlled Z- and R-Axis motors. Ideal for precision CP (Continuous Path) operations.




The JANOME JSG Series gantry robot is a flexible overhead positioning servo Cartesian coordinate robot suitable for a wide variety of applications, in cell or in-line production. All operations are carried out by tools suspended from above the workpiece

All operations are carried out by tools suspended from above the workpiece. There is no limit on the weight of the workpiece. Ideal for applications such as automobile engine production


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