Kawasaki FS20 forms the central part of a cell that takes charge of a process in a machining line. This is a crank casing processing line for compact engines. A single FS20 unit and three machining centers form the cell.
This is a manufacturing process for pressed parts used in automobiles. The line consists of seven press machines along with 10 Kawasaki robots that transfer workpieces between press machines. Five FS30 units mounted to the ceiling together with five FS30 units located on the floor are employed for transferring workpieces.

Robots can handle a wide range of workpieces in forging process. The forging of small quantities of workpieces in a wide variety of types is possible without reducing the high processing speed of the line and so modern-day requirements for handling diversified products can be meet.
Robot loads and unloads parts in Broaching Machine effortlessly. Quick changing of parts are vital for improved productivity along with flexibility to handle variety of parts in batch production areas. Robots provide a neater solution and saves space for maintenance and manual operation.
Kawasaki FS45 picks up con-rods with an electromagnetic hand from the net container where they are piled up casually, and transports them to the next stage. It picks up comparatively heavy workpieces with the electromagnetic hand and drops them into a ball feeder.
The ZD130S is a robot specifically designed for palletizing and offers a wide operating range, large transportable weight capacity, and high-speed processing. It has 57 loading patterns, and teaching for each workpiece is unnecessary. Furthermore, bagged items, such as flour, can be loaded in 10 tiers with five bags loaded at the same time

DANBOT is Kawasaki's unique cardboard palletizing system. This package consists of DANBOT-A, specially developed for bound cases, and DANBOT-X, specially developed for punching cases. DANBOT incorporates automatic setting functions developed from Kawasaki's impressive know-how and experience.
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