Handling in a hazardous working environment is automated using custom designed pneumatic system. The machines use a working media which emits unhealthy smell. Actual line has two of such machines with connected conveyors for transporting the products. A primary pick & place feeds the part from IN conveyor to the positioning jig after orienting the part using an indexing mechanism. The secondary pick place with three grippers handles the product from positioning jig to two working fixtures on the machine and to the OUT conveyor. Carton boxes are transported from assembly line to Nitrogen charging station and to Packing area with automatic strapping machine. In the charging station the gas is charged with pressure and flow control. This system works on 8 secs cycle time with a strapping capacity of 15 straps/minute.

ACT integrates different types of conveyor systems ranging from simple belt conveyor, chain conveyors, roller conveyors, flexible link conveyors and custom designed conveyors. The strength of ACT is on the proper selection and providing optimized layout with required stopping, locating, lifting, sorting and transporting systems.  
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