Special purpose assembly machine is designed to assembly 5 assemblies into one housing with a perfect aligning arrangement. It uses a hydro pneumatic pressing head for aligning with high force. It also has an attachment to insert a metal ring into a circular part. High speed piston assembly machine with 8 stations with 16 jigs, operating at a speed of 2.5 sec/piece. Stn 1 bowl feeders feeds the piston rods; Stn 3 Tray feeders & servo pick & place feed pistons; Stn 5 Hydraulic force controlled cylinders assembles together; Stn 7 pick & place unloads for sorting process using Sony electronic probes. Two touch screens with graphical interface helps for user friendly operation.

Custom designed high force assembly machine with automatic feeding of parts. It uses high torque servo motors for indexing coupled with pneumatic pick & place system for feeding the parts. Hydraulic system with force control does the process. Omron PLC coupled with Proface touch screen controls the machine. This fastening machine with eight Servo nut runners controls the torque, angle of fastening of the assembly process. Two parts are fastened with automatic feeding & tightening of 8 screws. Special designed PCD adjustment mechanism accommodates 2 different PCDs for the eight screws with a touch of button in Touch screen. Machines gives parameters and generates torque, angle, time curves for the fastening.

Heights of the assembly at 12 different places on the assembled part is measured using Sony precision probes and the free running torque of the assembly is measured with electronic torque controllers online on a conveyerized automated assembly line. Comparator provides data for the next assembly process to select the right precision part. Setting of the allowable range is possible with thumb-wheel switch.  
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