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Multi-Axis Force Torque Sensor Automatic End-Effector Exchange System
Most currently active industrial robots are numerical control and playback robots that require position control. In the future, sense control robots and intelligent robots will be needed that accommodate changes in the external environment, such as vision and sense of touch. This is particulary true for processes requiring human senses such as deburring, polishing and precision assembly. The BL SENSOR detects force and torque in the XYZ axes simultaneously and in real time, transmitting human senses as "force sense" to the robot. Such robots offer greater improvements in work reliability and quality. When provided with force control functions, these units can handle operations that were difficult to automate in the past. The BL QUICK CHANGE (Automatic End Effector Exchange System) is a device that automatically changes tools on robots and automatic machinery. Fast and secure tool changing makes it possible to obtain multi-functional performance rapidly while reducing robot setup time. This greatly contributes to multiple-product, small-lot production. Thanks to its safety-focused design, it maintains revolutionary accuracy in reset positioning at rated limits, and is safe for customer use. Model GC-150B is an automatic change device for welding for a material-handling spot gun with built-in transmission for use in robotic spot-welding processes.
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Remote Center Compliance Assembly Alignment Device
The BL WRIST COMPLIANCER is a lockup RCC device with the added function of locking and unlocking with air pressure in floating state. This reduces tact time and eliminates rolling when the robot is operating at high speed. The BL CENTERING DEVICE is mounted between the arm and gripper of the robot and automatic assembly machinery. It absorbs error between parts in the horizontal direction and gouging direction with fixed low force that is not in proportion to the amount of error. Moreover, it returns to the standard position with the addition of air pressure. As a result, this device contributes greatly to improved quality and productivity by ensuring easier assembly, mounting and the like.
RCC Device
RCC-001 series
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RCC-300 series
ATI Sensor
Lockup RCC Device
LUR-100 series
LUR-200 series
Robotics Swivel Unit Robotic Deburring Tool
The BL ROTARY JOINT is a rotation joint for robot wrists that provides connection with endless rotation for electrical signals and fluids. This device avoids problems caused by winding wiring and tubing around the end effector, and reduces maintenance and checking on breakage of wires and tubing repairs. The RJM series provide connection for air pressure and electrical signals for material handling. The RJA series, meanwhile, provide connections for air pressure, electrical signals, and earth current for arc welding. It can accommodate specific designs for other applications. The Speedeburr is the product name for a high-speed deburring tool for robots with integrated control of the contact force. It was developed by the Aarbakke As company of Norway. Two models - HIAC and TURBAC - offer force control functions during operation. These are revolutionary deburring tools using air as the power source. This company, which focused on the European market, has contributed to decreased user production costs, to improved work environment, and higher quality. We are happy to introduce this tool to Japan, as it has an excellent reputation in the European market.
RJM series
RJA series
RJG series
RJW series
Multiposition HIAC
Straight HIAC
Overload Protection Device Robotics n Swivel Unit
The Safety Joint is the product name of a robot overload protection device developed by the Robotic Accessories company of the U.S.A.. This device protects the robot arm and tool from unexpected overload. We offer two types: the UNI-COUPLER for general purpose applications and the VERSA-MATIC, which accommodates a preset operational load range. We are pleased to introduce these products to Japan, as users in the American market have given these devices a high rating for their outstanding quality.
UNI-COUPLER Safety Joint
ULTIMATIC Safety Joint
VERSA-MATIC Safety Joint
DDF series
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